What Are The Best Sleeping Positions For Your Health

Sleeping is one of the most vital part of every human life. Our body is constructed such a way that it will feel sleepy when we are tired. Its a relaxation of our body and mind. There are many positions we may sleep but all are not safe. Some sleeping positions can leads us to body injury even body pain. Today I am going to talk you about best sleeping position.

there are a lot of position you may choose for relaxation. But in the case of sleeping there are a few best sleeping position. they way you feel comfortable may be ended up with a bad sleeping position.

1. Side sleepers

63% of all sleepers are the side sleepers.  Side sleeping is convenient for most the peoples and its easy and relaxing. Sleeping on your left or right side is called side sleeping, Let us talk about the side sleeping advantage and disadvantaged.

best sleeping position side sleeper

Side sleepers advantage

Well side sleeping is one of the best sleeping position for pillow talk and cuddling. Research shows that its allow us to connect with the comfort zone most. Well sleeping on your left side rather than right can benefit you most. Its helps the digestive system and air circulation.

People who use the body pillows get most benefits of side sleeping . Because their arms and legs are in perfect position.

Side sleepers disadvantage

Well there are plenty of side sleeping disadvantage. Some of side sleepers can face shoulder pain some time. If your limbs and neck isn't aligned properly during the sleep time it may lead to some after sleep pan like as shoulder pain, back and neck pain. Although you can eliminate those pains by using a body pillow or by correcting your sleeping position. Its matter how many time you have spend on side sleeping. Side sleeping puts more strain on your pressure point.

If you are pregnant or having knee problem then i recommend you to not give pressure on any particular side. You may use  a pregnancy pillow or body pillow for your arms and back support.

2. Back sleepers

Back sleeping means sleeping on your back. Well as you already know that side sleepers are the majority but back sleeping is one of the most common and best sleeping position you can try.

back sleeping position

Back sleepers advantage

The best advantage of back sleeping is you can prevent the body pain. It's good for every age and condition. You will find your arms shoulder and legs in correct position and its much convenient. Those who are back sleepers there spinal cord are in perfect position all night. As a result you can enjoy a long lasting and convenient sleep time over the period. People who suffers from back pain or shoulder pain they can put on their braces on back sleeping.

Back sleepers disadvantage

Back sleeping's has some problems too. The pain thing is snoring. research shows that back sleepers are like to have 70% more snoring problem them side sleepers or stomach sleepers. This happens because of gravity. During sleeping time the (back position) the gravity affects you directly. Your whole body are unconscious and calm, But the gravity and air circulation still working and it's how the snoring starts. People who have high snoring problems are sometime try some medication. And those who did can't get a good result from it. I will say don't go for medication just change your sleeping position.

Young people's spends most of the time in their back. In office you have to have a back support for sit in. As we spend most of our time in back support we should avoid longer back sleeping.

3.Stomach sleepers

Stomach sleepers are special breed. Research shows that 7% of total population are stomach sleepers. For young adults this is the most convenient sleeping position you may explore.

stomach  sleeping positions

Stomach sleepers advantage

Research shows that stomach sleeping is good for the people who are looking forward to weight loss. Yes! you read it right weight loss, but it's unclear that how much weight can lose by using this sleeping positions. Some people claim that they have lost over 1/2 pound in a month by trying stomach sleeps position but there is no proven documents that can support this claim.

Stomach sleeping can reduce snoring and knees pain. Its allow us to correct with the bed more than any other sleeping position. People who use a decent pillow for that can enjoy a comfortable and deep sleep in this position.

Stomach sleepers disadvantage

Sometimes stomach sleepers feels pain in their back. That's because the spinal cord are not perfectly aligned  in this sleeping position. Air and blood circulation can be intercepted by stomach sleeping positions. The digestive system is also got hampered in this position because its produce pressure directly to the chest and stomach

The best way to eliminate this problems are using a body pillow under your left or right leg, its helps to reduce the pressure and gives you a additional support .

There are many sleeping position you may find. But those are the best sleeping positions we are used to. Let me know what is your favorite sleeping position on the comment box. Thanks for being with me. Stay healthy stay safe!

Kristin William

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