5 Best Body Pillow for Side Sleepers Which Gives Sweet Hug

As a side sleeper, you are likely to wake up feeling tired, with back pain and headaches, or even develop conditions like sciatica. The best body pillow for side sleepers is not just a matter of comfort, but it is also a consideration of its support quality.

best body pillow for side sleeper

Best Body Pillow For Side Sleeper

People who sleep on their side are more prone to strains on their head, back, and shoulders unlike those who have a different sleeping style. The extra pressure is due to the great distance that exists between the head and the mattress when you sleep on your side. For this reason, additional support is needed to ensure that the spine remains aligned at all time. It is very recommendable that side sleepers use a pillow whenever they go to bed.

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Pillow Positions Recommended for Side Sleepers

As a side sleeper, there are strategic areas where you can place your pillow to enjoy a more restful night. Let us look at each of these

  • Use a pillow to support the back and stomach- Sleeping on the side can be soothing, but it is also a cause of tension due to the instability of lying on your side. For this reason, you might want to place a pillow in front of your stomach or behind your back for better support. This position helps reduce the strain posed on your muscles. Back and stomach pillows should be very firm so that they do not lose their support under the pressure of your full body.
  • Pillow to support hip and knees- You can also keep your hips properly aligned by placing your pillow between the knees. If the hip is not in the proper alignment, then the spine might get out of position leading to muscle and nerve pain. The knee pillow should be well stuffed to ensure comfort while remaining firm for years of use.

Types of Body Pillows for Side Sleepers

​A good side sleeper pillow should have a firm yet flexible filling. The core materials that make up the best body pillow for side sleepers include:

  • Memory Foam- A memory foam body pillow is good at retaining its original shape. Because it is moldable, memory foam conforms to the body contours easily, and it snaps back immediately you move without having to fluff it. Shredded foam is easier to mold and bend compared to a block of foam, and it allows for better air circulation, which allows for excellent temperature control.
  • Buckwheat or water-fill -  This filling is of tiny grains, and it eliminates the chances of the forming uncomfortable knots. Buckwheat, unlike the water filler, is good at releasing heat thus keeping the pillow cool at all time. The good thing about pillows filled with buckwheat is that you can adjust the amount of filling to desired levels.
  • Gel-fill-  Gel-fill is the best soft pillow for side sleepers. This filling comprises of memory foam microfibers that have a better conforming ability compared to shredded foam. Such pillows are hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and very supportive. However, some users might find it too soft, and they tend to form uncomfortable lumps.

Choosing the Best Body Pillow for Side Sleepers

  • The Brand- The brand of the pillow plays a significant difference on its make and quality. Going for a famed brand is a guarantee that you will get a high-quality, well-designed pillow. Also, getting the best pillow is a significant investment, and you want to purchase from a company that offers a good warranty and returns policy.
  • Material- Different materials are used to make side sleeper pillows. These include a bead, memory foam, standard cotton fiber, and buckwheat shell inserts. The materials used determine the quality and firmness of the pillow. As a side sleeper, you want to get a pillow that is firm and will retain its shape even after years of use.
  • Moldable or Formed- Some people prefer a pillow that can be twisted and tucked to fit their body contours as they sleep. Others want a pillow that will maintain its shape despite the number of times that they move during their sleep. If you love cuddling your pillow or you want support for your neck and back, then you should avoid a pillow with solid memory foam filling or one that has gusseted sides. In such a situation, the best option would be gel fiber, shredded memory foam, buckwheat or water-filled pillows.
  • The user of the pillow- If you want your side sleeper body pillow only for yourself, then one type or size of the pillow will work perfectly for you. However, if you want several pillows for use by the entire family, then it would be a good idea to go for a side sleeper pillow that is adjustable like the buckwheat-filled or water-filled pillows. Also, if it is a couple’s pillow, ensure that it is not too bulky that the bed appears crowded.
  • For pregnant women and young children, you might want to be keen- When it comes to children who sleep on the side, there is just a little space that needs to be filled up. Look for an adjustable pillow or one that is slimmer so that the child benefits fully. A pregnancy pillow for side sleeping should offer lots of support for the back and tummy. For such, you might want a firm, moldable side sleeper pillow such as shredded memory foam.

Here are our five best body pillow for side sleepers at a glance

1. The Snuggle Pillow

Snuggle is rated the best body pillow for side sleepers. It is L-shaped and designed with high-quality, firm materials that enable the pillow to maintain its shape and offer the much-needed support while sleeping. It is extra-large unlike an ordinary body pillow to support the entire body.

body Pillow for sile sleepers

This total body pillow was a favorite especially because it is customizable for maximum comfort. The filling comprises of hypoallergenic shredded memory foam, which the user can either choose to spread out evenly throughout the pillow or concentrate on a particular section for more support.

The pillow has a zippered pillowcase which can be easily removed and fitted during cleaning.

Snuggle Pillow is perfect for side sleepers because it aligns the spine thus reducing strain and pain on the lower back.

Besides, the memory foam takes up the shape of your head to support the neck when sleeping. You will love the versatility of this pillow as it can also be used as a maternity pillow to support the belly of an expectant mother. The pillow will adapt to your specific needs for the ultimate comfort and support.



  • Snuggle body pillow has a zippered outer case which is machine washable for easier maintenance.
  • The shredded memory foam filling allows for excellent ventilation which prevents allergic reactions and overheating.


  • The memory foam filling might be too firm and thick for some users, and it takes a long time to break it in.

2. Pinzon Hypoallergenic Down Body Pillow

Many side-sleepers suffering from neck and back problems have a hard time sleeping at night. In most cases, the right pillow to lay their head on helps alleviate the problem. Pinzon is very effective in providing sufficient support and comfort for the entire body.

hypoallergenic body pillow

Hypoallergenic Body Pillow

Pinzon is the leading hypoallergenic body pillow thanks to the 100 percent polyester fiberfill comforter that eliminates any chances of allergies. It is a top-rated pillow when it comes to comfort and body support. Besides, Pinzon has some Plush fillings which allow the pillow to conform naturally to your body shapes and curves.

Meanwhile, side sleepers can now enjoy maximum comfort thanks to the frontal support. The pillow works very well in supporting the back area. For maximum back support, you might want to lean your back against the pillow when sleeping.

You can also place the pillow between the knees to reduce the pressure exerted on the back, spine, or hips. With proper use of Pinzon pillow, you will be able to eliminate the pain experienced while sleeping.

Pinzon is the first-grade pillow thanks to the 230 thread count which improves the quality. You can now enjoy silk soft, crisp, and clean experience when sleeping. This pillow is very soft, super-thick, and fluffy. Some people could love this design while others might find it uncomfortable. The good thing is that the pillow can be adjusted depending on the customer’s recommendation by removing the filling as desired.


  • Pinzon Body Pillow is machine washable, thus easy to maintain.
  • It has a hypoallergenic filling whose quantity can be adjusted to suit the preference of the user.
  • The 230-thread-count shell guarantees proper air circulation and durability.
  • The pillow is very firm, and it maintains its shape after years of use.


  • Some users might find this pillow too stuffed and fluffy.

3. Sqa Aloe Vera Bamboo Body Pillow

Sqa Aloe Vera is a bamboo body pillow that has a filling of shredded memory foam. The cover contains Aloe Vera which is relaxing and soothing to the skin. The soft bamboo cover, on the other hand, remains cool and prevents you from overheating even during the hot summer.

Best Body Pillow for Side Sleepers


The shredded memory foam interior is efficient at air circulation, and it maintains the proper temperatures at all time. Sqa pillow is soft, comfortable and very supportive. It is perfect for keeping your head and neck aligned all night long.

We also loved that the pillow has a removable cover that is machine washable for easy maintenance. The natural bamboo fabric is more breathable and softer, and it is more comfortable compared to cotton. Besides, the material is entirely hypoallergenic. It is, therefore, ideal for sensitive skin.

Sqa pillow is very effective for people with migraines, asthma, insomnia, TMJ, and it also assists in reducing snoring.


  • Sqa Aloe Vera is a side sleeper’s memory foam pillow that is naturally resistant to allergens, germs, odors, and dust mites. Therefore, there are no fears of an allergic reaction.
  • The bamboo material of this pillow is a guarantee that this is a healthy choice for you and the environment.
  • This pillow is an excellent investment for better quality and restful sleep.


  • One major turnoff of the Sqa pillow is the odor that results from the bamboo material. Because the pillow is huge, it might take some time before you can air it properly.

4. Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Bamboo Memory Foam Body Pillow

Snuggle-Pedic is a side sleepers’ body pillow that serves as the perfect additions for the most restful sleep. There are several features and advantages that this pillow has to offer that made it one of our favorite.

The first thing there is to love about Snuggle-Pedic Body Pillow has to be the comfort that it offers. The pillow has an interior of shredded bamboo memory foam which takes up the shape of the user’s body while sleeping. For this reason, you are assured of total support all night long, and it helps alleviate shoulder, neck, and back pain while sleeping. Also, this material is a guarantee that the pillow will not lose its shape even after years of use. It also provides all the needed comfort and relief to the user.

best side sleepers body pillow

Side Sleepers Body Pillow

The quality materials used to make this pillow are also a plus. Besides the high-quality shredded memory foam interior, Snuggle-Pedic has a pillow cover made from Kool-Flow. This fabric is micro-wended, luxuriously soft, and very breathable to offer similar quality on the outside as in the inside.

Another reason why we loved Snuggle-Pedic is the fact that the pillow is completely customizable. The shredded memory foam is easy to adjust as the user desire to suit their comfort levels. As such, the user may choose to spread the material out evenly or to concentrate it to certain sections for more support in those areas.

This pillow is very versatile. It is not just ideal for back sleepers and people with sleeping disorders, but it also works very well for expectant women.


  • Snuggle-Pedic is very easy to maintain. Unlike other pillows that have several, do’s and don ts when it comes to cleaning, the maintenance of this pillow is straightforward.
  • The outer case is not removable, which makes it easy to machine wash the entire pillow.
  • The pillow comes with an impressive 20-year industry warranty.
  • The Kool Flow outer fabric and interior of shredded memory foam allows for perfect air circulation inside the pillow which allows for cool and comfortable sleep.


  • Some users might find the memory foam construction too firm and thick. It takes the time to break into this pillow. The good thing is that the pillow comes with a 90-day trial period during which you can test the comfort levels.

5. Bedmate-U Body Line Pillow

Bedmate-U is a body line pillow designed to make your body feel lighter, unlike other pillows. It is the perfect pillow that does more than just support your head; it has an extended length that allows you to lay your entire body. The pillow does an excellent job when it comes to supporting the weight of your body at various points, and this guarantees a comfortable, restful sleep.

Body Line Pillow

Body Line Pillow

Bedmate-U pillow contains a pillow filler known as hollow fiber, which is a blend of polyester. This filling allows the pillow to conform to the contours of your body for a snug fit all night long. Also, Premium cotton makes up the outer cover, and this allows for breathability and proper air circulation to prevent the user from overheating all night long.

The cover is removable, and this feature is key to allowing easy maintenance. The cover can be removed for machine washing whenever necessary. You might want to get a second cover for easy interchanging between washes.


  • Snuggle-Pedic is very easy to maintain. Unlike other pillows that have several, do’s and don ts when it comes to cleaning, the maintenance of this pillow is straightforward.
  • The outer case is not removable, which makes it easy to machine wash the entire pillow.
  • The pillow comes with an impressive 20-year industry warranty.
  • The Kool Flow outer fabric and interior of shredded memory foam allows for perfect air circulation inside the pillow which allows for cool and comfortable sleep.


  • Some users might find the memory foam construction too firm and thick. It takes the time to break into this pillow. The good thing is that the pillow comes with a 90-day trial period during which you can test the comfort levels.


You can now say goodbye to the nights of an aching back, headaches, and other discomforts that result when the spine is pot properly aligned while sleeping. We hope that you have benefited from this review and that you are well equipped to make an informed choice when getting a body pillow as a side sleeper.

From this review, the best body pillow for side sleepers is the Snuggle Pillow. The pillow contains high-quality shredded memory foam that conforms to the body contours comfortably and also snaps back to its original shape. It is a good thing that this pillow is customizable to suit your desired levels of comfort. Maintenance is also very easy, which is a huge plus.

However, every pillow discussed has its good aspects, and you can be sure that any will work for you perfectly as a side sleeper. All the best in your purchase!

Kristin William

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